Animated Videos

As a business owner, you probably know most of the ways to market your products and/or services: a website, email campaigns, cold calls, network marketing, social media, traditional print advertising, and good old-fashioned letters. Unsurprisingly, digital marketing is now the dominant force, which means it’s becoming harder to stand out from your competitors online.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it”, is a phrase most of us know.  You understand your business and what it offers but trying to explain it simply can still be difficult because of the technical or industry jargon you use every day. You need to simplify your message and say it quickly.

What is a simple way to attract attention? Providing useful content on your website will certainly help build trust in your organisation. Email campaigns can be very hit and miss but at least today’s software allows you to analyse the results so you can determine what works. Cold calling can be soul-destroying; some people thrive on it but most of us don’t. Networking helps develop relationships over a longer period of time and is proven to work. Social media is becoming more saturated but there’s always room for quality content to grab reader’s attention. Traditional print advertising and letters may be considered archaic in the digital age but can still yield rewarding results.

So, what else is there in the world of marketing? How about an animated video? You’ve probably seen them – lots of companies use animated videos to grab attention and quickly explain what their service is or how a product works. With attention spans decreasing at an increasing rate, being able to explain your product or service in less than 90 seconds is crucial. And the good news is you can produce your own video for free using PowToon.

PowToon is simple to use and works within a browser; you just need a creative imagination. Once you’ve produced your video, upload it to YouTube to share on your website and social media channels. We produced the following video for our other consultancy, Business Energy Broker:

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