Zoho Suite

Zoho Suite

Good things come to those who wait. Except in the cloud, where waiting isn’t good. The point of the cloud is we don’t have to wait for software to meet our business needs. Whether it’s a CRM, invoicing platform, email client, marketing tool, or password manager – there’s a software solution foryour business needs.

Businesses know there are solutions out there in ‘the cloud’. What they might not know is where to begin or, if they do, how to implement and use the software to help their business. Software should make tasks easier for a business. It should automate repetitive tasks and be simple enough to master because you need to focus your time on being a master of your business.

There is such a solution. It’s one we use and also implement for clients. The CRM system manages our clients, suppliers, projects and collects leads from our website. The email client (desktop and mobile) integrates with the CRM system. The invoicing software automatically chases late payments. The campaign software sends targeted emails and provides valuable analysis. And the Password Manager does exactly what it says on the tin. All the apps integrate with their other apps (plus many third-party apps). And, if that wasn’t enough, there are often free, in addition to paid-for, subscriptions. If your organisation has 3 employees or less, jigsaw kloud can implement a free CRM system, and set up 5 cloud-based email addresses.

Zoho offers a comprehensive office suite and it is their ambition to create the best software for small businesses. If the idea of implementing such IT solutions for your business confuses you, why not ask us for help?

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