An eSignature is smarter than a physical signature, which requires inking, printing and posting. The latter is time-consuming: fire-up printer, print document, put in an envelope and walk to the post box. On top of the waste of time, it’s expensive: printer cartridges and stamp costs are forever increasing. Once you’ve posted the document, you have to wait for the client to sign it and post the document back. You wait. And you wait. Let’s be honest, your customers probably have better things to do with their time than remembering to sign and return a document.

The solution? An eSignature. A client digitally signs a document online, and you receive a signed copy via email. What took days (or longer) can be done in a matter of minutes. We use Signable as their PAYG service is great for small businesses. If you’re still posting documents for signing, Signable will save your business time and money with a solution compliant with UK law. In addition, you’ll close deals faster too.


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