Cloud Software

We help clients organise & protect their business data using cloud software such as cloud storage, productivity and security apps.


Cloud Storage

Businesses can take advantage of free cloud storage solutions, such as Dropbox (2GB), OneDrive (5GB), Sync (5GB), pCloud (10GB), Google Drive (15GB), and MEGA (15GB). Sync and MEGA provide zero-knowledge encryption as standard.


We are big fans of Zoho’s productivity suite; using their CRM, Mail, Invoice and Vault apps to organise and protect our business. Most of the applications have free plans, which are suitable for small businesses.

Microsoft 365 provides enterprise-level email with Outlook, plus access to the Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.) Microsoft charges per user, and each user-license can be installed on up to five devices. Charities get a 50% discount on Premium licenses (making the software very affordable) and the Essential license for free (giving charities the ability to host multiple email accounts and access Office online via a browser).


For Windows 10, Windows Defender is a more than capable antivirus. Non-Windows 10 users should consider installing Avast (we advise against McAfee and Norton, as both are notorious for slowing down machines). We strongly recommend Malwarebytes Premium (protection against malware, ransomware, PUPs and Trojans). Whilst you have to download both Avast and Malwarebytes to your machine, they use the cloud to constantly update and protect against real-time threats.

Social Media and Conferencing

Facebook and Twitter help business reach large audiences for free and with paid advertising. YouTube is great for hosting video content, which can then be embedded in your site. Zoom is great for video conferencing from anywhere in the world.


All the software mentioned is available across all devices and operating systems.

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Despite the benefits of the cloud, there are concerns about security breaches due to a growing number of leaks and hacks.

We address these in our Data Security blog.