Staff Leave Planner

Are you responsible for managing employee holidays and sick leave? Do you use spreadsheets, wall charts or bits of paper; all whilst scratching your head in confusion? What happens when holiday requests clash? Do you don your diplomatic hat to work out who can and who can’t have holiday because you need to ensure enough cover? What about the endless emails? Do you think: there must be a better way? A simpler and faster way to authorise holidays and avoid clashes? Good news! Fabmin makes a doddle of managing employee holidays and sick leave. Despite its simplicity, the system analyses and identifies sickness trends your spreadsheet or diary may miss. The software is cloud-based, cost-effective and scaleable.

We had the pleasure of meeting with Fabmin’s creator, Roger Lightfoot (The Hobbs Parker Group CEO), who demonstrated the software’s ease-of-use and effective management reporting. Fabmin is worth considering for your business because you can easily manage holiday schedules and quickly identify sickness trends. Current clients include lawyers, accountants, car dealerships, estate agencies and a very well-known retail organisation. If you are interested in finding out more, we can organise an on-site demonstration from Roger. Fabmin is offering jigsaw kloud clients a 20% discount – please get in touch for further details or to arrange a free 30-day trial. Find out how much Fabmin could save your business by visiting